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The Toilet Paper Encyclopedia In the News

The Toilet Paper Encyclopedia In the News

TV & Radio Appearances
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TV & Radio Appearances

To Tell the Truth: The Guy Who Wrote the Toilet Paper Encyclopedia

November 30, 2001
As with previous incarnations, three people all claim to be The Guy Who Wrote the Toilet Paper Encyclopedia, Kenn Fischburg.  The panelists’ job is to find out which one of the three people is the real person and who is lying.

Kenn Fischburg on set

Kenn Fischburg on set

Host, John O'Hurley, with Kenn Fischburg

Host, John O’Hurley, with Kenn Fischburg

“What’s My Line?”

WRCH Lite 100.5 FM; November 26, 2003
Listeners call in and ask questions to try to determine what it is Kenn Fischburg, President of and the “Toilet Paper King”, sells online.

Mike Stacy, Kenn Fischburg, Allison Demers, & Allan Camp

Mike Stacy, Kenn Fischburg, Allison Demers, & Allan Camp

News Coverage of the Toilet Paper Encyclopedia

Helping Customers Get Lean 
Karen Wilhelm; Lean Reflections
July 28, 2009
We’re starting to hear more about supplier development, but how often do we look at customer development? Not just adding to our customer base, but helping customers change for the better. One company that’s been doing that for decades is Consumers Interstate Corp., distributor of maintenance and office supplies headquartered in Norwich, Connecticut.

Distributor receives patent for e-purchasing program
Staff Writer,
August 11, 2005
The U.S. Patent Office has awarded Kenn Fischburg, president of Consumers Interstate Corp., Norwich, Conn., a patent for inventing an Internet procurement method.

Norwich company sends bin Laden toilet paper to Pentagon
Associated Press, The Boston Globe
March 14, 2002

A Norwich, CT company has sent 200 rolls of “Wipe Out Terrorism” toilet paper, imprinted with Osama bin Laden’s face, to the Pentagon and has been flushed with emails from soldiers as far away as Europe who want the product.

Pentagon to Receive Novel Toilet Paper
Claudia H. Deutsch; The New York Times
March 12, 2002

Any day now, a big package will land in the Pentagon office of Dan Philbin, who cannot wait to distribute its contents. ”I’ll make sure the Secretary of Defense’s office gets some, and I’ll give some to the chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff,” he said. ”And I know, as others see them, I’ll be swarmed with people wanting their own.”

Great Moments in Toilet Paper History: The Wolf Files
Buck Wolf, ABC News
April 11, 2001
The Scott Paper company was once so embarrassed that it was manufacturing toilet paper that it wouldn’t put its label on its product. That was 100 years ago.…

Buy Toilet Paper Online, One-Liners are Free!
Stacy Wong; Hartford Courant
March 7, 2001
A person has to wonder what Kenn Fischburg was thinking when he dreamed this up.  The president of Consumers Interstate Corp., a regional wholesaler of office and cleaning supplies, just launched a new dot-com subsidiary amid a nationwide downturn among dot-com businesses.

Kenn Fischburg & latest project -

Kenn Fischburg & his latest project –

No Silly Jokes, Just Facts about Toilet Paper
Claudia H. Deutsch; The New York Times
March 12, 2001
O.K., what kind of person logs onto a site called A scatological preteen would be disappointed; there’s not a potty joke around. A candidate for ”Jeopardy” or ”Millionaire,” though, might benefit from the site’s link to the Toilet Paper Encyclopedia, a compendium of facts like where and when toilet paper made its first appearance & who invented the flush toilet (nope, not Thomas Crapper, but Sir John Harrington in 1596).