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Toilet Paper Around the World

What bathroom tissue brands are popular overseas?
• Lotus Bath Tissue (Ft. James Europe) & Moltonel Bath Tissue – France; #1 & #2, respectively
• Colhager Bathroom Tissue & kitchen towels (Ft. James Europe) – Spain; #1
• Kittensoft (Ft. James UK) – Ireland; #1
• Selpak Bathroom Tissue & Kitchen towels – Turkey; #1
• Embo – Finland; #1
• Tenderly (Ft. James Europe – Italy; #2
• Elle Bathroom Tissue – Greece; #1
• Delica Bathroom Tissue and Towels – Greece; #2
• Andrex Toilet Tissue – UK; #1
• Crepto Toilet Tissue and Szilvia Tissue – Hungary; #1 & #2, respectively
• Belana – #1; Bulgaria
• Nampak Tissue & Carlton – South Africa; #1 & #2; respectively
• Flora Tissue – Egypt; #1

What country pays the most for toilet paper?
According to, the British pay twice as much as the German and French, and nearly three times as much as the Americans for a standard four-pack roll.

How much toilet paper did other countries receive in U.S exports in the year 1999?

Country Grams    Value (USD)
Australia                       103,466     $223,000
Canada                   28,880,996    $44,331,000
Mexico                       3,724,647    $546,600
Haiti                              188,803    $253,000
China                                  7,813    $10,000
Ireland                              3,628    $5,000
Jamaica                         215,574    $321,000
Italy                                   9,207    $11,000
Saudi Arabia                 26,290    $38,000
Taiwan                          129,139    $107,000
U.K.                              281,933    $579,000
Spain                              14,550    $41,000
Philippines                   72,228    $156,000

Which country is the world’s largest producer of paper?
As of October of 2000, the United States is the leading producer of paper, with Japan coming in second place, and China in third place.

What caused the dramatic rise in paper consumption for the entire world?
Paper consumption has gotten out of control since the advancement of technology, beginning in the 1980’s. Computers have aided largely in the desperate rise in paper consumption. Immense amounts of printouts have occurred for various reasons- education requirements, business, and creative/recreation media. Not only have computers played a major part, but the development of the copy machine has vastly attributed to the problem. In the words of Walter Benjamin, “We live in a culture of reproduction”. The less reproduction is used, the less paper will be diminishing. (The Book and the Computer)

Who are Japan’s biggest toilet paper manufacturers?
The Fukoyo Paper Corporation, the Yame Seishi Company Ltd., and the Poppy Seishi Company Ltd. are the largest manufacturers of toilet paper in Japan. All three companies use recycled wood pulp for the production of their paper, and they all contain “washi” as a paper additive. The Fukuyo Paper Corporation is the only company of the three mentioned that uses color chemical in their tissue, selling a “delicate pink” tissue to consumers.

Who are the top paper consumers in the world?
Top consumers of paper and paperboard per person in pounds for 1995
Countries    Weight (pounds)
U.S.                    730
Finland            669
Belgium           565
Japan              526
Canada            505
Singapore       502
Taiwan            492
Switzerland    476
Denmark        471
New Zealand  468
Brazil                 77
China                48
Indonesia        31
Soviet Union  28

What are the most popular colors of toilet paper in the United Kingdom?
White is the most popular color for toilet paper in the UK and across Europe. The second most popular is pink, and third most popular color is peach. However, due to increased costs and decreased popularity, few major manufacturers still produce colored toilet paper.

How much toilet paper is sold annually in the United Kingdom?
An estimated 600 rolls of toilet paper is sold each year in the UK. (40 million rolls of paper towels!) With approximately 60 million people in UK, that’s 10 rolls per person! (SCA Hygiene UK)

What is so different about France’s “Petit Lutin” toilet paper?
Petit Lutin has made a fashionable name for toilet paper! The toilet paper product has small images and writings on French culture, current affairs and geography printed on every perforated sheet. It was designed by Christian Poincheval, a Normandy radio station manager, who had worked on the product for 15 years.

New editions of the Petit Lutin rolls will be released monthly in Le Mans, France. Jean-Louis Ducatel, manager of the Leclerc department store in Arconnay, states, “It’s selling almost three times better than a normal toilet paper of the same quality”.

What is “washi” and why is it used in Japanese toilet paper?
Washi is a hand-made paper, consisting of water and paper-mulberry. It is used in many paper products in Japan, mostly crafting products and disposable products. While it makes for an extremely decorative “fusuma” paper door, it is also a softening agent for Japanese toilet paper. The raw material, paper-mulberry, and recycled wood pulp mix together to form a resilient tissue paper. This papermaking technique was introduced to Japan during the Kamakura period (1192-1333).

Who are the main producers of paper in Canada?
Kruger Inc. is one of the major pulp and paper companies in Canada. They specialize in the manufacturing and sale of everything from newsprint to bathroom and facial tissue. The company has operations in Quebec, Ontario, Newfoundland, British Columbia, the United States and the United Kingdom and employs over 10,000 people. Kruger Inc. produces standard Cottonelle, White Swan, Purex, Capri bathroom tissues, Cottonelle moist bathroom tissue, and Scotties and White Swan facial tissue.

Who is Nampak?
Nampak is Africa’s largest packaging manufacturer, holding the dominant market share in Europe and interests in packaging companies in nine other Southern African countries. Nampak manufactures packaging of all types, and exports to 50 countries worldwide. They hold a significant share of South African tissue and paper merchanting markets, as well. Nampak Tissue and Twinsaver are their two consumer products divisions dealing with household sanitary products. All of the Nampak paper products are produced using recycled paper including Lotus facial tissue, TwinSoft toilet tissue, and Cuddlers disposable diapers. (Nampak)

Who are Germany’s largest toilet paper manufacturers?
One of the largest and wholly privatized companies in the toilet paper/tissue industry is AB Grigiskes of Germany. This enterprise had specialized in tissue paper and hardboard production since 1923. They manufacture toilet paper, paper towels, and serviettes. Their “Grite” brand tissue products are becoming well known in the Baltic market.

An example of a Japanese Toilet

What type(s) of toilets do the Japanese use?
There are two kinds of toilets in Japan: the Japanese-style toilet and the Western-style toilet. The Japanese style toilet is positioned on the floor, with no base. It is primarily a hole, surrounded by a ring of porcelain. These toilets are usually found in public restrooms, where people are not obligated to have direct contact with the seat. The only downfall is that toilet paper is usually not provided for free. The Western style toilet is also found in public restrooms, but mainly in tourist areas. This style resembles an American toilet, with a ceramic base, a lid, and flushing mechanism. Occasionally, one can find both styles in one public restroom in Japan.

What is Beijing doing to improve public toilet conditions?
On June 5, 1996, the Beijing Urban Public Toilet Construction and Culture Exhibition was held at the Museum of Chinese Revolution. Because Beijing is known for their poor bathroom conditions in commercial areas, the Exhibition was created for the purpose of improving housing standards in the city. Two months after the Exhibit was held, Beijing officials announced that all new apartments would have the Western style toilets installed, as well as adequate ventilation. This, along with 2008 Beijing Summer Olympics, helped proclaim that the Beijing government cares about the well being of their nation, and wants to better the public facilities for all.

How is toilet paper in Taiwan packaged?
Toilet paper in Taiwan is packaged just like paper napkins. They come in square sheets, instead of in rolls. The toilet paper is stored in a plastic box with a lid so it is easily accessible when you need it! (Angela Leong)

Example of Toilet Paper in Taiwan

Example of Toilet Paper in Taiwan

How universal is the word toilet paper?
Whilst traveling in the middle Atlas in Morocco we, (a small group of travelers), needed to “use nature’s bathroom’. We went outside, did our business opposite a breathtaking view and collected our toilet paper and burnt it and returned to the main tent. Our hosts did not understand English but the one word they managed to remember that we understood whilst they repeated our actions to the rest of their family was ‘toilet paper’. They found it incredibly funny that we actually use toilet paper.