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Marcal/Soundview Paper Company

Popular Marcal brands:

Marcal Pro Recycled Toilet Paper

Marcal Pro 100% recycled products make environmental responsibility an easy choice when choosing paper products for your home , and janitorial or breakroom needs.




Timeline & History of Marcal:

Soundview Paper Company (formerly Marcal) is a leading manufacturer of tissue products for Away From HomeOfficePrivate Label and Retail customers. Since its inception, the company has demonstrated its commitment to environmental responsibility by manufacturing its products from recycled paper, and today remains one of the most respected environmentally-conscious companies in the industry.

Based in Elmwood Park, New Jersey, Soundview Paper Company (formerly Marcal Manufacturing) is proud to be one of the oldest environmentally friendly paper companies in the US. For over five decades, Marcal has been reducing landfill by making our paper products from recycled paper. We use paper collected from residential neighborhoods, from the small blue baskets in office buildings, from unwanted junk mail, and waste from printers–all in an effort to do something good, to produce something that people need from this discarded paper.

Marcal is an integral part of the northern New Jersey community. Our company uses recyclables from local municipalities and recycling facilities for our paper recycling process.

Soundview Paper Company is a leading, world-class manufacturer of towel and tissue products for the At-Home and Away-From-Home markets in North America. We specialize in creatively solving customer needs with products and services in both recycled and virgin fiber. Our customer-focused approach to the market enables us to focus on the continual improvement of our products, processes and services to meet the specific needs of our customers.

Strategically located just 15 miles northwest of New York City, the company’s operations encompass more than one million square feet of manufacturing and storage facilities on its 30-acre site. Operations include a manufacturing facility with fully integrated deinking, towel, tissue, napkin and facial production and converting capabilities, as well as separate storage facilities for housing finished goods and parent rolls.

Our heritage is important to us. Founded in 1932 by Nicholas Marcalus, Soundview Paper Company (formerly Marcal) has had a history of continuous innovation and dedication to the recycled manufacturing process, receiving numerous awards, and today remains one of the most respected environmentally-conscious companies in the industry.

Soundview Paper Company is owned by Atlas Holdings LLC, which is comprised of nine platform companies with more than 8,000 employees who operate more than 70 facilities worldwide, including pulp and paper manufacturing, wood products and building materials, and packaging. The Soundview and Atlas Holdings management team have more than 150 combined years of experience and expertise in tissue and recycled fiber-based businesses.