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Who is Marcal?
Which brands & products does Marcal manufacture?
Historical Timeline

Who is Marcal?

Formally known as Marcal Paper Mills, LLC, the company manufactures and distributes various paper products made from recycled materials, such as eco-friendly toilet paper, paper towels, tissues, and napkins.  Started in 1932, the company was one of the first truly ‘green’ manufactures – before it was the hip thing to do.  The company slogan “Paper from paper, not from trees” has served as a dual mission statement .  It collects paper from roadside pick up containers in residential areas, from office buildings throughout the US, and even from the US post office’s unwanted mail, saving over 200,000 tons of paper annually.    Today, Marcal has over 900 employees, manufacturers its products in 2 states (New Jersey and Illinois), and has helped save over 21 million trees.

Which brands does Marcal manufacture?

•    Marcal Small Steps
•    Marcal Sunrise
•    Marcal Bella
•    Marcal Traditional

Which other recycled products does Marcal produce?

•    Bella Dinner Napkins
•    Bella Luncheon Napkins
•    Bella Beverage Napkins
•    Sunrise Toilet Paper
•    Sunrise Paper Towels
•   Sani-Hands Facial Tissue
•    Fluff-Out Facial Tissue

Marcal Historical Timeline

1905 Company founder, Nicolas Marcalus, immigrates to the US from Petralia, Sicily as a teenager.
1932 Marcalus sells the Automatic Paper Machinery Co, which he had formed with a partner to produce Cutrtie Waxed Paper. With the profits from the sale of this business, he launched Marcalus Manufacturing Company (which later became Marcal Paper Mills, Inc).
1956 Marcalus is granted three patents by the US Patent Office – Paper dispensing receptacle (1901006), dispensing package for cellulose tissue sheets (2085882), and Tissue sheet dispenser (2580982).
1978 Company founder, Nicolas Marcalus, passes away at the age of 86. Throughout his life, he achieved much success making groundbreaking advances in the paper manufacturing industry. Some of his inventions included a machine which removed the black skin from pepper, a water heater for shaving, an electric heating pad, and the first automatic winder for packaging toilet paper.
1981 Marcal closes 2 of their paper mills in Mechanic Falls, Maine; which were the last two mills operating in the town. This allowed for a more diversified economy and tax base to develop in the area.
2000 Nicolas R. Marcalus (great grandson of founder) is honored by his alma mater, the Stevens Institute of Technology, with the Stevens Honors Award for the Marcal’s continuous innovation and dedication to the recycled manufacturing process.
2008 Marcal Paper Mills, Inc was purchased by Highland Capital Management for approximately $160 million, forming Marcal Paper Mills LLC and ending four generations of family ownership.Marcal Small Steps, a new product line featuring 100% recycled paper products, is launched in December.
2009 Marcal celebrates its eco-friendly 77th year. Since it began counting the number of trees it has saved (they started keeping track in 2000), the company has kept 21,438,138 trees from vanishing from our forests


Do you have any Questions/Comments on Marcal?

What exactly are recycled paper products and how ‘green’ are they?
There are two ways for paper products to be classified as ‘recycled’. The first, the more eco-friendly of the two, is Post-Consumer Recycled Content, meaning the paper was produced from the paper we place in our recycling bins at work or in those blue buckets at our home’s curbs. The second type of recycled paper is classified as Pre-Consumer Recycled Content. Pre-Consumer Content paper is material generated as a by-product in the manufacturing process, such as scraps, trimmings, etc.  Most recycled papers are a mixture of both Post-Consumer Content and Pre-Consumer Content, and the most eco-friendly versions have a much higher post- to pre- ratio (ie are made of premodimately post-consumer content).

How much paper could we actually save using recycled toilet paper?
According to the Natural Resources Defense Council (NRDC), if every household in the United States replaced just one of roll (apx. 500 sheets) of virgin-fiber toilet paper with a roll made from 100% recycled content, then together, we could save almost 500,000 trees. That’s a half million trees folks!

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