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Toilet Paper Manufacturers

Toilet Paper Manufacturers

Georgia-Pacific logoGeorgia-Pacific

From its founding in 1927, to its $21 billion sale in 2005; Georgia-Pacific has been providing customers across the globe with high quality tissues, pulps, paper, packaging, building products, and chemicals.  Contains a detailed listing of their heavy expansion (including 31 acquisitions/takeovers), their impressive brand portfolio, and a complete historical timeline of the company’s history from 1927 – today.

Kimberly-Clark logoKimberly Clark

Started on October 22, 1872, Kimberly-Clark products have played a vital role in American History and it continues to lead the Consumer Products Good (CPG) market today.  This section takes a look at the company’s founding, its list of consumer brands, their complete historical timeline from its founding in 1872 until the present day, as well as questions/comments regarding the organization.

Marcal_Soundview Paper Company logo Marcal/Soundview Paper Company 

Paper from paper, not from trees” is a concept Marcal instituted over 50 years ago and has never strayed away from.  Launched originally in 1932 as the Marcalus Manufacturing Company by Nicolas Marcalus, the company today manufacturers recycled paper products that continually receive the highest rankings in terms of softness, quality, strength, and absorbancy, even when compared against their non-recycled counterparts.  This section includes a brief company description, the brands and products in the Marcal line, a look back through Marcal’s history, and various questions/comments on Marcal & recycled paper products.

procter and gamble logo Procter & Gamble

With roots dating back to 1837 and contracts dating back to the Civil War, P&G is one of the most well-know and well-respected American companies.  Continually admired for its innovative products, such as the Tide-to-Go Pen and the Mr. Clean Magic Eraser, Procter and Gamble boosts one of most impressive house of brands in the CPG industry.  This page features an overview of who P&G is, what brands they own, when they (and specifically Charmin) reached milestones, and other questions.


SCA logo SCA

From its launch in 1929 to its current status as the “World’s 2nd Greenest Company”, this maufacture produces “essentials for everyday life“, with a core focus on the Away from Home (AFH) segment.  Visit this section for main facts about SCA, a full history of SCA, the brands in the SCA family, and various questions/comments.



Great Lakes Tissue

Great Lakes Tissue Company

Great Lakes Tissue Company (GLT), is a privately owned manufacturer of tissue paper from 100% recovered fiber and converts 60% of these parent rolls into finished products, including paper towels, bathroom tissue and paper napkins. The remaining 40% are sold to outside converters.